Dalat Hasfarm grows Natural: Sustainable flower and plant production

Dalat Hasfarm grows Natural: Sustainable flower and plant production



Dalat Hasfarm has been changing it all by bringing a fresh approach to the cut flower market - introducing sustainably grown flowers from farm to end consumers

We love nature, and this is part of our vision to care for nature


In Dalat (1500 m above sea level) we grow all our 6 hectares of roses a in a coco peat media substrate and 100 % of our irrigation drain water is recycled by using UV filtration. So there is no spillage of water and fertilizers to the environment and we can reduce the amount of fertilizers used by 30%.

In the same rose greenhouses we use dehumidifiers to control the humidity in the greenhouse below 88% and by that we can reduce agro chemicals as well have roses with perfect shiny leaves
Water recycling system


Our exclusive series of Calimero’s from Dutch breeder Floritec are grown at our production location in Daron (1000 meter above sea level). We have been able to reduce our agrochemicals with 60% by applying biological fungi and insects. Resulting in a healthier plant and more shiny leaves.

We produce and use Hypoaspis which can eat spider mites and Amblysius

which can eat the larvae of thrips
We also produce Trichoderma and beneficial fungi which we mix in the soil and which can control harmful fungi and nematodes.

We started to test in 2014 and are now building a larger production facility to produce these biological products for our own usage as well as for third parties in the future.

All this programs are benefiting the environment, the plants and for our customers. Our flowers are not only beautiful and fresh but very safe as well.