The very first edition of the Floral Inspirations

The very first edition of the Floral Inspirations



Innovation being carved in the vision of Hasfarm Young Plants®, the company has successfully organized its first edition of the Floral Inspirations. Creating an occasion, based on trials evaluation and seminars, for breeders and Hasfarm Young Plants® customers to get together. A great time for knowledge sharing!

With the amazing support and mutual interest of each of the players in the chain, the Hasfarm Young Plants®’ activities have kept expanding tremendously over the last 20 years with exports to Europe, North America and increasingly within Asia. A milestone has been reached in 2017 with an annual production of 250M cuttings.

Over the years, Hasfarm Young Plants® has become an important pillar of Dalat Hasfarm®'s business. With its continuous developments, the company has contributed to opening doors in numerous Asian markets, including in Vietnam where both demand and expectations of consumers are rising.



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