Beneficial Local Microorganism

Probiotic BLM (BLM is code of Beneficial Local Microorganisms) is a collect of beneficial microorganisms in natural, live together and support each other grow in numbers through fermentation. When used will have more impact, while stimulating the beneficial microorganisms in the soil and curb the harmful microorganisms.

Including beneficiacl microorganisms in naturel : Cellulose-degarding microorganisms, phosphate solubilizing microorganisms, nitrogen fixation microorganisms, amylolytic microorganisms.

Promote process solubilizing the organic, promote the development of beneficial organisms in the soil. Limiting the activities of harmful microorganisms. This helps to improve the soil, improve the fertility of the soil in a sustainable way, increase the nutrients easily absorbed for plants.

*Method Applications:
Define your audience should be applied when using the product want to have the best effect. Mix 1 liter of product into 10 liters of normal water, then spray directly on 1 cubic meter of organic waste or manure. Then, mix well and then incubated for about 1.5 to 2 months can use.

*Object to applying:
The organic waste or mamure
Land for planting vegetables and flowers

1 - 1.5 liters for 1m3 manure or organic waste.

Packing: 5dm3/ bags, 25dm3/bags.

*Shelf life:
2 months( from date production).

Do not mix with lime, herbicides ...
Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
Product safety for humans and beneficial microorganisms, does not pollute the environment.
* Keep away from children.