Aloha Kona Tiki Soft Pink – Aloha Kona Hot Pink – Lindura white

Botanical name: Calibrachoa
Origin: South America

Pot Size: Hanging Pot 15cm
Growth Location: Daron
Planting materials: Cutting
Color: Light blue, red, dark pink, light pink, yellow, white-pink
Placement: Outdoor & Patio
Group: Flowering Plant
Benefits: Air purification

Expected shelf-life: 2-3 weeks
Availability: All year round.

Watering: moderate, 2-3 times/week
Fertilizing: NPK, once/week
Light: full sun
Temperature: 20-30⁰C
Special Tips: Pruning dried branches and flowers, leaves withered for ventilation. Change larger potted plants and new soil for plants after flowering.