Botanical name: Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis
Origin: China

Pot Size: 12cm
Growth Location: Daron
Planting materials: Cutting
Color: Red, Orange, Pink, White, Yellow, Bi-color
Placement: Outdoor
Group: Flowering Plant

Expected shelf-life: 3- 6 months
Availability: All year round

  • Suitable temperature 20-25⁰C
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Limit watering directly to flowers

Watering: Moderate, everyday
Fertilizing: NPK, once/month
Light: Full sun
Temperature: 20- 35⁰C
Special Tips: In order for the flowers to be lush and to flower again, when bought, they need to be moved to a new pot and added nutrients such as NPK, Bio pro organic soil ….