Dark Pink

Botanical name: Rosa spp.
Origin: Asia, Europe, North America, and northwestern Africa

Pot Size: 12cm
Growth Location: Da Lat Planting materials: Cutting
Color: Pink, Dark Pink, Light Pink, Orange, Yellow, Red, White, Bi-color
Placement: Indoor, Outdoor & Patio
Group: Flowering Plant
Benefits: Air purification

Expected shelf-life: 1-2 weeks (indoor), 3-6 month (outdoor)
Availability: All year round

Watering: moderate, 2-3 times/week
Fertilizing: NPK, once/ week
Light: half shade / full sun
Temperature: 20-30⁰C
Special Tips: Regularly pruning old branches, weak branches, creating canopy for plants. After the first flower withered, prune the flowers withered. Then bring the pot outside to take care, change the larger pot or planted under the soil -> will flowering flowers continuously.