Dalat Hasfarm invited the world-renowned floral designer for improving florists’ skills

Dalat Hasfarm invited the world-renowned floral designer for improving florists’ skills



In order to improve florists’ skills as well as update the world’s trending flower design style, Dalat Hasfarm invited the world-renowned floral designer Len Alkemade to teach and improve our florists’ skills.

With 40-year stint as a professional florist and demonstrator, Mr. Len Alkemade has shared his own experience, judged and assessed strength and weakness of 30 Dalat Hasfarm florists. Hence, their skills can be sharpened, knowledge would be broadened, and then more and more splendid arrangements could be done.

An overview of “Art of designing flowers” class on April 21, 2016

Within limited time, Dalat Hasfarm florists designed various nice wedding bouquets.         

Over 400 arrangements were designed.
During the break in the first teaching day, we have a chance to discuss some issues with Mr. Alkemade.

Q: What is your opinion about this event? Do you think Dalat Hasfarm organize it well enough?
A: Dalat Hasfarm has arranged this unique event neatly. I am very glad to receive Dalat Hasfarm’s invitation and be a part of this class. If Dalat Hasfarm is willing to invite me again, I’ll agree without a second thought.
Q: What do you think about skills and experiences of Dalat Hasfarm florists?
A: Their skills are very good. However, a florist working for floral shop often has a noticeable disadvantage: the lack of originality - they don’t have their own styles. We cannot blame them for this, because a floral shop only requires some limited arrangements, round forms for example, and so is the color combination. Despite all these facts, they can understand my requests clearly and create themselves many beautiful arrangements. Of course, I asked them to do in a different way, do with their own ideas.
Q: So, they need something like motivation, right?
A: Yes, you can say that. They need something to motivate, “force” them to think their own ideas and styles. They’re afraid to do something new, for example, I asked them to use only lilies or arrange in a different angle, vertical or sloping line, not round form anymore. They’re confused at first, but they’re improving more and more after that, they can create nice bouquets. Color plays an important role, one of the key points that I focus on in my class. Color combination is one of the most important elements to establish a florist’s style. In general, their skills are good enough for a floral shop, but considering “art of designing flowers”, they need to learn more.
Q: This is not the first time you’ve been to Vietnam, and you’re familiar with Asian floral market, what do you think about Vietnamese flower industry and Dalat Hasfarm?
A: Vietnamese flower industry is very young; I think you need to improve a lot to catch up with the world. Dalat Hasfarm is a huge company, has a very bright future. I believe your company will develop further.
Thank you for your honest perspective.