Dalat Hasfarm receives award for High quality Vietnamese Goods

Dalat Hasfarm receives award for High quality Vietnamese Goods



After verifying the dossiers of 622 enterprises for two months, the Business Association of the High-quality Vietnamese Goods has just declared 476 companies which are awarded.

On February,24th,2014, Saigon Tiep Thi Newspaper wrote information to congratulate on 476 companies receiving award for High quality Vietnamese goods 2014 and Dalat Hasfarm is honor to be one of them.

“As local floricultural producers struggle to compete with poor quality produce from China, we at Dalat Hasfarm are determined to win our place in the Vietnamese consumers’ hearts and minds by developing and providing the best quality flowers. Being recognized as one of the “High Quality Vietnamese Goods 2014” is our great honor and we would like to send our sincere thank-you to all consumers who have supported and voted for us. We will continue to invest in our product quality, strengthen our cooperation with local farmers and expand our distribution network to better serve Vietnamese consumers.”, says Mr. Bernhard Schenke - Vice General Director of Dalat Hasfarm.

This is the first time a Vietnamese fresh agriculture took part in the “High quality Vietnamese goods”. Vietnamese flowers have affirmed its position in hearting consumers. We are ready to embrace challenge that we can integrate and develop.

A ceremony to present the certificate will be held at 5.45 PM, on February, 25th, 2014