First harvest at new Lam Ha farm

First harvest at new Lam Ha farm



With the combined effort from Dalat Hasfarm's employees and their colleagues from Dalat and Daron, the first harvest of chrysanthemum cuttings has been collected in the end of December 2017 at Lam Ha farm. A new step taken for Dalat Hasfarm who has built-up this new location for mother plants and cuttings production.

Up to now, there are 4,5 ha of greenhouses put in use for chrysanthemum-cuttings production; of which 3 hecta of greenhouses being harvested. The average harvesting production is around 2,1-3,0 million cuttings per week.

One of the main targets for Lam Ha in this period is to training the workers and building modern green houses and later increase the production capacity for the whole company.

Lam Ha (with 30 hecta land) is the fourth farm of Dalat Hasfarm after Dalat farm, Daron and Da Quy.

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