Hasfarm organizes Charity Walk in celebration of 25-year anniversary

Hasfarm organizes Charity Walk in celebration of 25-year anniversary



On December 8th 2019 at Dalat City, Vietnam, Dalat Hasfarm held a fundraising walking event in order to help construct charity shelters for the underprivileged in the province of Lam Dong, Vietnam.

The charity walk is part of the sustainable development activities to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Dalat Hasfarm Company in Vietnam.

More than 800 people took part in the walk, including local government leaders, students of the Dalat University, management and staff of the Dalat Hasfarm. For each participant that walked around the central lake in Dalat, the Hasfarm charity fund contributed an equivalent of about USD 25.

In the end, the total amount raised by the program reached around USD 20,000 contributing to the construction of homes for the underprivileged in Dalat, Don Duong and Lam Ha.

Orientation towards Sustainable Development

Throughout its 25 years of establishment, Dalat Hasfarm has aimed towards sustainable development and since 2014 the company has setup a business unit (BioPro) to research, develop and promote the use beneficial insects and fungi for application in agricultural production. Through the use of the products produced by BioPro, Dalat Hasfarm has reduced the use of chemicals significantly.

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