The history of Calimero family

The history of Calimero family



Crossing and technique, selection of the first generation Calimero’s

With traditional crossing techniques  the crossing, out of which Calimero has been selected, was made in the year 2007 in the Netherlands. Mother plants were manually pollinated. Seeds were collected from these mother plants.

The seeds flowered in 2008. At that time we selected the first generation of Calimero’s: Calimero Pink, Calimero Shiny, Calimero Minty, Calimero Green and Calimero Yellow. These selected plants were made vegetative as soon as possible that same year and trials were conducted repeatedly throughout 2008. To maintain quality, making clonal selections started the end of 2008 in the larger scale plantations.

The birth of the real family

Calimero Pink is the basis of all the beautiful colours that were selected later. In the year 2009 out of Pink we selected the colours Cream, Salmon, Dark Pink, Snow, Apricot, Cappuccino, and a kind of Purple. In the years after, 2010 and 2011 other colours were added like Red, darker Purple ones, and a Sunny that matches good with the Snow, now the most popular family member. The latest additions are warm orange colours. We are constantly selecting for colour improvements. This is a process that never stops.

Introduction and naming

The first generation of Calimero’s were grown and introduced on the Dutch market in cooperation with the Dutch grower “de Landscheiding” in 2008. It was offered as a colour line (package) in the small pompon type flower. The distinguish it in the market we gave it a family name “Calimero”. For European people this name stands for “friendly, sympathetic small sized” after the cartoon figure Calimero, a duckling walking around with a piece of its egg shell still on his head.

At this moment there are 2 exclusive producers of Calimero product: Nursery “De Lanscheiding” in the Netherlands and Dalat Hasfarm in Vietnam. 

Eventual technical features
To be mentioned by you. You know what is most important about the product for your markt.
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