Thomas Hooft, 20 years’ effort that brought vietnam onto the world map of flowers

Thomas Hooft, 20 years’ effort that brought vietnam onto the world map of flowers



HCMC, 2 December, 2012

On 1st December 2012, Co., Ltd Agrivina, whose trade-name is Dalat Hasfarm, celebrated its 20 th anniversary and also 20 years’ contribution of Mr. Thomas Hooft to the floriculture industry of Vietnam. The event is socially and economically meaningful as it is a strong evidence for the Government’s policy in attracting foreign investment in order to develop agriculture in Vietnam.

Since 1992, with the effort of bringing advanced technology from Holland to Dalat, Thomas Hooft has been making a real revolution in floriculture industry of Dalat city. He re-called: “20 years ago, when I started building the very first greenhouse to grow flowers, many of my friends said I was “a crazy Dutch”. This was because they were familiar with flowers blooming naturally in open fields. But now, I am delighted to see the huge development of more than 2.000 hectares of local farmer greenhouses of which about 10,000 to 12,000 families are making a living”.

Taking himself as a true Vietnamese farmer, with a view of business closely tied with social responsibilities, Thomas Hooft has been very successful in the model of transferring technology to local farmers. One of the considerable achievements is the quantity of 70 million stems of flowers and 150 million young plants exported annually, holding the record of number one flower company in South East Asia. He dearly named Dalat Hasfarm “Flowers from the heart of Vietnam”.

2012 milestone marked the 20 years of Dalat Hasfarm establishment and development. So far, with more than 300 hectares of production, Dalat Hasfarm is producing 100 million stems of flowers every year. A wide product range (flowers, pot plants, foliages, and others) is distributed through the Distribution centers nationwide and Retail shops in Ho Chi Minh City, Dalat, and Hanoi, as well as in Metro and BigC chains. Dalat Hasfarm also grows many exclusive varieties of international breeders for its Vietnamese customers.

For more information, please contact:
Marketing Department - Dalat Hasfarm
Phone: 08.3811 5887

“The business has been built from the talents of the people working in it. I think our staff are second to none in their professionalism, dedication and sheer hard work. I know that together we can continue to build on our first years and make sure that in future Dalat City and Dalat Hasfarm are known worldwide for our very beautiful flowers.”
Charles Target - Chairman of Ltd Agrivina
“20 years ago there was no greenhouse production of flowers in Dalat. Now a day, there is an unofficial of 2000 hectares of “local farmer” greenhouses of which are about 10,000 to 12,000 families are making a loving. And a real flowers industry has been developed in the “Flowers city Dalat”.
Thomas Hooft - General Director of Dalat Hasfarm
“The little plant grew into a small tree and the small tree soon started to give fruits. Now the fruits of Dalat Hasfarm tree, are not eatable. They come in the form of flowers and plants. Flowers and plants that Color the World and that create happiness and joy for the people who receive them. Over the years our fruit tree has given employment to thousand of people and Dalat Hasfarm has been a “Flower University” for many. On behalf of Board of Directors and of the shareholders, I would like to say thank everyone here for your contribution and for your support. Without you, the seed has been sown 20 years ago would not have prospered. And also for the next 20 years, we will need your help and your support.”
Aad Gordijn - General Director of Dalat Hasfarm